Setting Up Your Voicemail

Discover how to set up voicemail on your UB phone, and record a voicemail greeting.

Claim Your UB Phone

If your UB phone was any of the following, claim ownership of it before setting up your voicemail box:

  • already in your work area
  • used by a former employee 
  • supplied to you by your department when starting your position at the university

Technical staff need the following information to help you claim your UB phone, so have it ready in advance:

Existing voice messages on a previously claimed phone will be erased as part of this process. If you require access to previous messages for business purposes, have your department contact the UBIT Help Center.

Setting Up Your Voicemail Box

If you're new to the university and UB phone service, you must set up your voicemail box before you can retrieve messages.

Messages button.
  1. On your UB phone, press the Messages button.
  2. Enter the one-time voicemail PIN UBUNITYVM (or 828648986), followed by #.
    • This PIN is only for new voicemail boxes. If you are unable to enter this PIN, the UB phone and its voicemail may not yet be assigned to you.
  3. Listen for the welcome message indicating the start of setup. The setup process takes approximately 2 minutes to complete.
  4. Follow the system prompts to change your PIN, recorded name and greeting.

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Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.