Setting Up Your Voicemail

Discover how to set up voicemail on you UB phone.

Setting Up Voicemail

  1. Press Messages.
  2. Enter the initial voicemail PIN 828648986 followed by #. Your voicemail PIN cannot be your telephone number;  the same digits, such as 44444 or a sequence of digits, such as 12345.
  3. From Set Up Options, record your name, greeting and change your voicemail PIN.

Changing a Phone You Inherit

If you inherit your phone from a previous employee, you may need to submit a request to change the information associated with it.

Changing the Name Associated with Your Phone

To change the name associated with the phone, using the form above:

  1. For Request Type, select Existing Number.
  2. Enter the telephone number in the submenu field that appears.
  3. For Building and Room Number, select the building and room number where the phone is located.
  4. For Phone Display Name Change, select Yes.
  5. Enter the former name and new name in the submenu fields that appear.
  6. Save and Submit the request.

Available Voicemail Greetings

There are 5 available greetings with your phone:

  • Standard (for use during business hours)
  • Closed (for use after hours)
  • Alternative (for use when on vacation or away)
  • Busy (for use when busy or on the phone)
  • Internal (for use when the caller is internal)

To access the Greeting Options, press the Messages buttons on your phone, enter your PIN, followed by #, then press 4 to access Setup Options. Press option 1 to access Greeting Options. Follow the system prompts to select, record, turn on greetings, and edit other greetings.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

You may also send us an email, or use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

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