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If you recieve a letter from the Security Incident Response Team, a computer you own or use is identified as having a security issue. The nature of the issue is severe enough that we've asked you to remedy the issue before reconnecting the computer to the University network.
We support PC and Macintosh computers (desktop, laptop and notebook). Computers must meet our hardware standards to be best supported. Any functional printer is acceptable.
Wheelchair-accessible assistive stations, outfitted with software meant to assist people who have disabilities (including screen reading software, text enlargement software and software that types what you dictate orally), are present on both campuses.
Never leave your computer or electronic devices unattended, even if you are just going to retrieve a printout.  Invest in a security cable for your laptop, and attach it to something immovable or heavy such as a desk.  Consider investing in LoJack software for laptops so your laptop can be tracked if it is stolen. Read more about how to  physically secure your devices.
For assistance with UBMicro Warranty and SoftCare Pro services please contact VITEC Solutions  for more information.

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