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Connections in University Offices

In your university office,  you usually have a wired UB network connection to the Internet. You may also have Wi-Fi access.

The Wired (Ethernet) Network Connection

UB's wired network provides switched 10/100/1000 Mbps Internet access for students, faculty and staff from on-campus locations and some remote locations.

There is a charge to install and activate a new data network access outlet. Ask your IT support staff who should submit the request if you need a new outlet.

Configuring Your Network Connection

The network address, the IP (Internet Protocol) address, by which your computer is known on the network can be leased or fixed. UB recommends using leased or DHCP (Domain Host Configuration Protocol) addresses because they are easily re-used and support the use of mobile devices.

DHCP Address

The staff responsible for your IT support has the authority to register a DHCP address for you. This was probably done during your computer set-up process.

Static (Fixed) IP Address

Most computers do not require a fixed IP address to operate at UB.

There are a few examples, however,  of the need for a static IP address.

  • IT equipment that are destination devices on which others rely, for example, printers and servers
  • Computers whose access to institutional data is controlled, in part,  by an IP address

Your IT support staff can consult with you about this need and have access to the tools to request a fixed address.

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