Set Up Your Windows or Macintosh with UBmail Powered by Google

Operating System: All

Last Reviewed: March 12, 2020

Configure Mac Mail or Outlook

  1. Open the email client you want to use, then:
    • Outlook
      1. File >Info
      2. Click Add Account
        1. Enter your UBITName (without the for Username
        2. Enter your UBIT password for password
        3. Enter for server
        4. Enter 993 for port
        5. Select SSL for client setting
        6. Enter for Outgoing or SMTP Server
        7. Enter 465 for smtp port
        8. Enter for directory (if available)
        9. Enter o=University at Buffalo, c=us for Search Base/Root (if available)
    • Apple Mail:
      1. System Preferences > Internet Accounts
      2. Select Google  in the right pane
      3. In the pop-up click Open Safari
      4. Enter your email address in the window that appears
      5. Log in using your UBITName and UBIT password
      6. Click Allow to allow MacOS to access your Google account
      7. Select the apps you want to use with this account
      8. Click Done

2. Check both:

  • My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication
  • Use same settings as my incoming mail server  

Configure Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Select Add Existing Email Account
  2. Fill in your full name
  3. Enter your as your email address
  4. Click Manual Config
  5. Enter for incoming IMAP server
  6. Select SSL/TLS for SSL
  7. Enter for outgoing SMTP server
  8. Click Re-Test
  9. Change Authentication drop-down for Incoming IMAP server to OAuth2
  10. Click Done
  11. Enter your email address in the window that pops up
  12. Log in using your UBITName and UBIT password
  13. Click Allow to allow Thunderbird to access your Google account

Learn about what happens when you use UBmail Powered by Google in conjunction with an email client:

Common Questions

I tried setting up email but it says my username or password are incorrect and I know they're not?

Sometimes the password file is out of sync. Try re-setting your password and see if you are able to log into your newly configured email. Also be sure you have used the settings listed above.

Still need help?

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