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Find Answers about UBmail (Central Email)


Your password for email is the same UBIT password as your UBITName account. Learn how to change your UBITName password or reset it if you forget it.


When email messages (that you have not deleted) go missing from your Inbox, the most likely cause is that your email client is set up to use POP, which is a protocol that downloads messages to your computer while removing them from the email server.


If legitimate email messages have been quarantined by the spam quarantine service, you can have these messages delivered to you.


Sometimes UB can restore deleted email messages and/or folders from backups.


If you received email messages previously but are not currently receiving any, there are several possible causes.


To prevent certain people from sending you email messages, you can block senders.


See the section for setting and deleting  a vacation message with Central Email.


To configure a signature file to be automatically added to your UBmail central email, log into webmail. Selecgt Settings > Preferences > Composing Messages. Enter the text you want automatically placed at the end of each of your messages in the Signature area.


In UBmail (Central email): Click the Create new Folder icon (+) in the list footer. Enter a name for the new folder in the properties form on the right. Select either  a parent folder or — to create the folder on top level. Click Save below the form to finally create it.


In UBmail (Central Email), add contacts to your address book by clicking the address book icon at the top (resembles a silhouette of a person's head), and, in the Contacts List, clicking + at the bottom and completing the add a new contact information. Click Save when you are done. Alternately, to add a contact from an email message, open an email message. If you are using the Larry interface, click the triangle to the left of the subject. Click the silhouette icon to the right of the from, sender, to or cc fields to add the desired email to the contacts.


Students enrolled in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dental Medicine and Medicine and Biomedical Sciences may not have thier email in UBmail Powered by Google.

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