Adjusting Video Layout in Webex

Learn how to control who is displayed onscreen and lock focus during a Webex meeting.

Layout Options

Hover your mouse over the meeting window and the video layout options will appear in the upper right corner:

  • Active Speaker and thumbnail: Default view. The person heard most recently is in the large window, and thumbnails are of the other participants
  • Grid view: Everyone's video is seen in a grid layout, up to 25 people
  • Active Speaker Video view: The person making noise most recently is shown the largest
  • Floating Panel view: All videos float in a small panel that can be moved around
  • Side-by-side view: Available when content is shared. Video panel sits to the right side

Locking Video Focus

You can lock video focus to a single presenter:

  1. Hover over the video
  2. Click the push pin icon
    • The host can lock video on one person for everyone in the meeting
    • Participants can choose, for themselves, to lock video on any other participant