Schedule a Meeting

Only UB faculty, staff or students can host a meeting, training or event from UB's Webex.

On this page:

Schedule a Meeting Through the Website

Follow directions for either Modern View or Classic View:

  • Modern View:
    1. Log into
    2. Click Schedule or Meetings > Schedule
      • Meeting Type: Webex Meetings Pro Meeting
      • Meeting Topic: enter a title for your meeting (required)
      • Meeting Password: use the provided password or enter your own (required as of January 10, 2020)

If you would like to schedule a conference on Webex Events or Webex Training instead, click that link from the navigation menu.

  • Classic View:
    1. Log into
    2. Click the Webex Meetings tab, then Host a Meeting > Schedule a Meeting

If you would like to schedule a conference on Webex Events or Webex Training instead, click that tab from the top of the page.

Schedule a Meeting Through Outlook

Note: In order to schedule meetings through Outlook you must first install the Webex Meetings Desktop App (below).

You may need your IT support people to install Webex Productivity Tools for you.  

  1. Open a new or existing meeting in the Outlook calendar
  2. Click the Add Webex Meeting button on the ribbon. The options are:
    • Add Webex (a meeting with a unique ID)
    • Add Personal Room (a meeting in your personal meeting room using the default URL<yourUBITName>
    • Add Personal Conference (audio-only phone conference; you must set this up in Preferences before you can schedule in Outlook
  3. The computer will connect to Cisco server
  4. Click the gear button to see or change the password assigned to the scheduled meeting, as well as other advanced settings
    • A password is required for all scheduled meetings
    • A password is not required for Personal Room meetings
    • An access code is assigned for Personal Conference when you set it up in Preferences
  5. The default Meeting template is MC: Webex Meetings Default, but you can click the box and choose to schedule an Event or Training session.
  6. Click OK.
    •  Do not delete or change any of the following text that appears in the message pane of your meeting:
      --Do not delete or change any of the following text. --
      A Webex meeting has been added. Meeting details will replace this section after you save or send this invitation.

      This is fine, and this information will be filled in as soon as you send or save the invitation.
    • You must include a subject for your invitation or Webex will not allow you to go forward.

Schedule a Meeting Through Jabber (Windows only)*

  1. Meetings > Schedule meeting
  2. Search for name of attendee and select
  3. Select Add Webex to the meeting and click Next
  4. Click Send
  5. The invitation will be sent to the attendee(s) with the meeting information.

Want to send a reminder through Jabber? Meetings > select your meeting. Select gear > Communicate > Send reminders. Attendees who have not de-selected the pop-up reminder option will receive a pop-up reminding them of the meeting with options to Join in Jabber, Join in Webex or Dismiss.

* Requires Jabber. See Jabber Requirements.

Common Questions

Can I schedule meetings on behalf of someone else?

How many people can I invite?

  • Webex Meeting Center: up to 200 participants per meeting
  • Webex Training Center: up to 1000 participants per meeting
  • Webex Event Center: up to 1000 participants per meeting
  • Webex Teams: up to 100 participants per meeting