Controlling Participants' Audio and Privileges in Webex

Learn how a meeting host can mute  or unmute participants and assign privileges.

Controlling Audio

Through the Participant Icon

  1. Click the Participant icon
  2. Right-click a name to mute or unmute

Through the Participant Menu

From the Participant menu you can choose:

  • Mute Me/Unmute Me
  • Mute All/Unmute All
  • Mute on Entry

Controlling Privileges

Through the Participant Icon

  • Click the Participant icon
  • Choose Change Role to > Presenter if someone needs to share content
  • Choose Assign Privileges to adjust who the participant can chat with or assign what items in a meeting they can see and interact with

Through the Participant Menu

The Participant menu provides more functionality than the participant panel. From the Participant menu, you can choose:

  • Entry and Exit Tone
  • Invite and Remind...
  • Copy Meeting Link
  • Anyone Can Share
  • Assign Privileges...
  • Change Role To
  • Reclaim Host Role
  • Expel