Move Webex Recordings to Other UB Platforms

Recordings can be stored in Webex for a maximum of 6 months. Save recordings to UBbox or Panopto.

Site administrators will contact hosts to notify them prior to removing any recordings. You should download any recordings you want to keep for future use, then save them to either UBbox or Panopto.

Step 1: Download from Webex

Select More (...) then Download.
  1. Select My Webex > My Files > My Recordings
  2. To the right of the recording, click the More (...) menu and choose Download
  • Meetings are recorded and downloaded as MP4 files
  • Events are recorded and downloaded as MP4 files
  • Training Sessions are recorded in ARF format and require the Webex ARF player

To upload a Training Session to another platform, you need to convert it (available only for Windows computers):

  1. Install the Network Recording Player
  2. Use the NRP to convert the file to MP4

Step 2: Upload your files

If sharing with students, Panopto is recommended. If sharing with faculty/staff, UBbox is recommended.

Upload to UBbox

Ubbox allows you to share files and easily manage who can access them. MP4 files, such as those downloaded from Webex, will play in the Box Preview window.

Upload to Panopto

Panopto enables connections with UBlearns so you can share recordings with students  enrolled in a particular course.