Join a Meeting, Training Session or Event

Anyone in the world can join a meeting, training or event hosted from UB's Webex.  

How you join someone else's Webex meeting, training session or event will depend on how you were invited. Watch Cisco’s video to learn the basics of joining, and connecting audio and video.

  • From a calendar invite – Open the invite and click the link to join the meeting. The notes of the invite also tell you how to connect if you are using a video system or on the phone.
  • From an email notification - Follow the instructions on the email invitation you received
  • From a meeting ID#
    1. Go to
    2. Enter the ID#
    3. Enter your Name and email address  
    4. If you are the host of the meeting you will be asked to login to Webex with your email address followed by your UBITName and password
  • From Jabber -
    • Dial into Webex Meetings by calling the meeting address from the meeting details.
      • For example, to call another UB Personal Meeting Room, dial
      • To call into a meeting, dial the meeting number instead. For example,
    • Jabber will automatically remind you when it is time to join a Webex Meeting that has been added to your calendar with meeting details that Jabber can recognize. These meetings are showin in the Meetings tab of the Jabber application with action buttons when Jabber recognizes the meeting.
    • Select Join in Webex from the Jabber reminder or Meetings tab.

Important - Share File or Application can't be seen in Jabber or Webex Teams.

Common Questions

Where can attendees test their system prior to joining a Webex meeting?

Either start a meeting in your personal meeting room or join Cisco’s test meeting at

Once you’ve joined, test your audio.

  • Click on the Three-dot menu > Audio Connection > Change Settings
  • Test speaker output
  • Click the Test button, if you hear the five Webex notes, you will be able to hear other people in the conference.

Test your microphone:

  • Speak in a normal voice and you should see the level of the mic jump up and down accordingly.
  • If you don’t, try moving the slider to the right to increase your volume going out.
  • Also, click the drop-down menu and if there is a different mic option, choose it and see if that fixes the problem.