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Vendor-Assisted Conference Calls

Anyone using a VoIP phone can initiate a conference call. The limit is 6 participants, including the initiator. Conference calls for groups larger than 6 participants, may be facilitated by outside vendors, for example AT&T.

AT&T Operator Assisted Conference Call

Setting Up the Call

  1. Contact Audio Conferencing at 1-800-232-1234 OR, Select Small Business > Additional Services.
  2.  Initiate your own account for billing purposes. (UB’s former account for this purpose has been deactivated.) You will receive an invoice directly for you to pay.
  3. Process payment to the vendor from your departmental budget.

Alternate Choices

An Internet search for “conference calls” will produce several choices for alternate providers that offer conference plan or per-call options to be used at your discretion. These options should be utilized within University purchasing guidelines.

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