Collaboration Tools Comparison

Illustration of three people working together.

Compare the features of UBbox, Webex and Jabber, all available from UB.

Available to: UB students, faculty or staff  

Best for: Unlimited, secure file storage and sharing with ability to co-edit and work offline

  • Cross-device cloud storage
  • Link sharing inside or outside of UB
  • Document and folder collaboration
  • Powerful permissions controls
  • Special accounts for organizational and restricted data
  • Embed files in UBlearns or Web pages
  • Sync files across devices
  • Offline access to files with Box Drive

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Available to: UB students, faculty and staff

Best for: Teaching online, hosting office hours, collaborating on group projects, hosting trainings or workshops

  • Host phone/video meetings with people anywhere
  • Share presentations and other content from your screen
  • Send files and record sessions for sharing later
  • Store files and conversations and communicate by text/voice/video (Webex Teams)

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For robust video recording, editing and captioning, try Panopto >

Available to: UB faculty and staff

Best for: Audio calls and accessing UB phone features on a mobile device

  • Use a headset or mobile device with your UB phone number
  • Share presentations and other content from your screen
  • Place video calls
  • See your co-workers' availability
  • Send instant messages from any device
  • Create chat rooms for specific groups and topics that preserve messages and files
  • Quickly escalate from chat rooms to group chats, conference calls and Webex meetings

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