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Changing Meeting Requests You Have Sent in Outlook Calendar

Discover how to alter meeting requests after sending them to your colleagues.

If you add an attendee you have the option to either update all the attendees or just the person you add.

Updating a Meeting Request You Sent

When you organize a meeting it is often necessary for you to make changes to the meeting’s details after you have already scheduled it. The only item that cannot be changed is your attendance, for as the meeting’s organizer, the meeting cannot exist without you.

To change a single-occurrence meeting request with:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007
    1. Open the single-occurrence meeting that you want to change.
    2. Select Change options for a meeting that is not part of a series
    3. Alter the options such as subject, location and time that you want to change.
    4. Click Send Update.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013
    1. Open the meeting that you want to change.
    2. Change the settings as needed for Meeting tab.
    3. Click Send Update.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011
    1. Open the meeting that you want to change.
    2. To add additional attendees or select a different meeting time, click Scheduling.
    3. Click Send Update.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    1. Open the meeting that you want to change.
    2. Change the meeting settings as needed.
      • Click Scheduling Assistant tab to view each attendee’s schedule if attendees have schedule conflicts.
    3. Click Send Update.

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