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Managing Your CICS Password

Maintaining the security of your CICS password is your responsibility. Password rules control the strength of your password and UB will prompt you to change your password every 60 days.

Initial Sign On

Log into Host on Demand (HOD) with your UBITName and password, then sign on to CICS. When you first sign on to CICS, you will be prompted to establish a new password and to verify your password.

Selecting a CICS Password

For your CICS password, you may:

  • Use numbers, letters, or a combination of numbers/letters, for example an anniversary date,  J1973
  • Select key letters of a memorable phrase, for example EGBDF for every good boy does fine
  • Select a subject of interest to you which has many variables so that you can easily remember at least the subject, for example:
    • dog breeds, such as cocker, shepherd, lhasa
    • gemstones, such as emerald, ruby, garnet
    • 19th century American writers, such as twain, james, harte
    • operas, such as tosca, aida, carmen
    • automobiles, such as ford, pontiac, stanza

Password Rules

Your password must be 4 characters in length, but no more than 8 characters. Your password cannot:

  • contain double letters, for example book, runner
  • be the same as the old password or a close variant of it, for example chips, chips1
  • be the same as any one of the 3 previous passwords used
  • be the same as your userid
  • match the first 4 characters of any word in your name
  • cannot match any of those on the restricted password list: 1234, BASIC, ASDF, DEMO,PASS,SIGN,TEST,XXXX

Reset Your CICS Password

Change Your Password in MyUB

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