Guidance Document: Wi-Fi COVID-Proximity Dashboard

Category: Information Technology

Responsible Office: Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Responsible Executive: J. Brice Bible

Date Established: September 29, 2020


This guidance document formalizes availability and data governance for the COVID-proximity dashboard.


In order to help further health and safety at educational institutions, the University at Buffalo’s Wi-Fi vendor provides a COVID-proximity dashboard.

This dashboard provides a basis for discussion of encounters with trained contact tracing personnel. The dashboard enhances on-campus contact tracing efforts once the Department of Health (DOH) confirms an on-campus, positive COVID case.

The proximity dashboard only collects the following data points:

  • A person’s device and timeframe when connecting to an on-campus Wi-Fi access point.
  •  Other device owners connected to those same access points within a specified timeframe.

The university takes your privacy very seriously and is using this information only for the purposes of public health. To that end, this data is not being used for the general monitoring of an individual, their location or their journey across UB's campuses. Please reference the University's Computing and Network Use Policy for further information.

Contact Information

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