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IT News by Topic: Printing

CIT is accepting applications for a public sites consultant to provide printing and computing assistance to patrons. Learn more about the position and apply for the job.
Can't wait to print off your syllabi? iprint@ub offers you 650 pages for spring semester as of January 4, 2016. If you're registered for winter classes, you have another 100 pages to use by January 22.

By now you’ve navigated the early semester printing rush and with any luck you’ve still got most of your 650-page print quota left. UBIT News spoke to one UBIT public service sites insider who offered up some tips on staying print savvy all semester long.  

Can't wait to print off your syllabi? 650 pages are yours through iprint@ub as of August 3, 2015.

What if you had to wait two hours to print something? Well, not too long ago at UB, that was the case.

Brilliant color alert! UBIT now offers printing in the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary, Capen 1st floor Cybrary, and Abbott 1st floor Cybrary.