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IT News by Topic: Computing Sites


You’re pretty good with computers, right? But if your laptop wouldn’t boot up, what would you do?

Fun fact: that computer you’re on in the Cybrary might not really be in the Cybrary at all.

Among the many changes that took place on campus during Summer 2014 (did you notice those freshly-paved roads?) are a few important changes to UB’s public computing sites.


If you find yourself mesmerized by the ceiling above, the new Lockwood installation has done its job.


What if you had to wait two hours to print something? Well, not too long ago at UB, that was the case.


The world has been a little less gray for students printing at UB.


All the Wi-Fi and bandwidth in the world doesn’t mean a thing when your phone is dead, so charge it up securely in Lockwood Cybrary.

Brilliant color alert! UBIT now offers printing in the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary, Capen 1st floor Cybrary, and Abbott 1st floor Cybrary.