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UBIT Comments Guidelines

UBIT welcomes the community’s contributions to our online websites, pages and publications. By submitting or sharing content or commenting on UB’s online websites, you consent to these rules. You are solely responsible for your submissions.

  • UBIT expects anyone who submits content or engages in discussion on UBIT sites to:
    • Be courteous and respectful
    • Refrain from threatening, defaming or verbally abusing others
    • Use respectful language
    • Debate, and not attack
  • UBIT respects the policies of each social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) as well as UB’s operational policies, and expects our fans, followers and readers to do the same.
  • UBIT reserves the right, but is not obligated, to remove any content for any reason at any time.
  • UB prohibits posting, publishing or sharing any content that:
    • violates local/state laws or university rules or policies
    • is intentionally misleading, factually erroneous, libelous, offensive, or malicious
    • is obscene
    • is discriminatory, hateful, harassing or threatening
    • is designed to sell, solicit, or advertise products/services for sale
    • is pornographic
    • infringes on the confidentiality or privacy of any party
  • Posts, comments, submissions and other content that violate these standards may be:
    • Removed from the site or page
    • Rejected from publication
  • UBIT Web pages that utilize Comments will display this disclaimer as part of the comments footer:
    • This page is maintained and monitored by the UB Information Technology. For more information or to report concerns, please contact: UBIT Communication. To report abuse on this page, email Reader submitted comments and content do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of UBIT or the University at Buffalo.