Wi-Fi Boost: In Progress

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Published August 31, 2015 This content is archived.

Every day, more people rely on the Wi-Fi technology here at UB to keep them connected throughout their day.


You’ve probably heard about our Wi-Fi Boost project to update and expand on that technology: the scope of this project is unprecedented, and it’s only possible thanks to the input and hard work of UBIT’s talented team. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for what they continue to contribute to this project every day.

Even though we’re still in the early stages of this project’s implementation, our technical team has been hard at work for many months. From the very beginning, they’ve kept open minds and made sound judgments about the best options for bringing faster, more reliable Wi-Fi Internet to UB. First, they studied the current state of the technology, to determine not just where the cutting edge is right now but where it might be in the coming years.

Once they knew what the solution needed to look like, and we worked with the procurement office at UB to ensure the best value for the university, the testing process began with what we call a “bake off”: physically installing each of the top vendors’ products in UB’s environment and rigorously testing each to see which could better serve our campuses. UBIT Network Engineer Adam Zangerle was responsible for installing and testing the new systems, and his thorough consideration made it possible to move forward with an informed decision.

Then our project team set themselves to the complex task of determining exactly what was needed, how many access points as well as the hardware and the countless feet of cabling needed to connect it all together. Jerry Bucklaew is our Senior Network Engineer and the chief architect of this project’s design. His input and experience have been crucial to this project’s success.

Are we done yet? Not for the next three years. Now comes the installation, a process that only started over the summer. You’ll see the people from our project team working in the hallways over the next couple years. Thanks to the excellent leadership of Mark Deuell, Director of Network and Classroom Services, you will notice the improvements in Wi-Fi across our three campuses as we move forward. Kathleen Murphy, our project manager, will still be working hard to keep the project on track, and Diana Tuorto, UBIT Communications Specialist, will be making sure everyone in the UB community is updated as to our progress.

If you do see these people in the halls, I hope you’ll join me in thanking them for their hard work. Every individual involved in this project has been absolutely instrumental, and their expert opinions and willingness to explore every possibility have made this project possible. For all the added value the Wi-Fi Boost project will bring to UB, the dedicated individuals working on our team are an invaluable asset that continues to enrich our university every day.

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