2021 Student Experience Survey: what students told us

A UB student works outside on a laptop.

Published March 29, 2022

By Kaylie Horowitz

At the end of 2021, UBIT conducted their annual Student Experience Survey on the state of student technology and software at UB. Here is what over 2,200 UB students told us—and how we’re responding.



UBIT Communications Assistant Kaylie Horowitz.

Kaylie Horowitz (she/they, UB graduate student) is in the Master’s program for Theatre and Performance Studies. Upon completion of her thesis, she hopes to attend an MFA program in directing and pursue a career of working and teaching at a regional theater. Originally hailing from Florida, Kaylie enjoys playing video games, voice acting, and over-analyzing animated media.

Stronger Wi-Fi, for more smart devices

Wi-Fi connectivity at UB is crucial for both academic and student life on campus. Each year, students ask for better connectivity with wider reach in areas around campus.

In addition to desktop computers and printers, more students are using smart devices in their daily lives. In 2021, the percentage of respondents using smart TVs (44%), speakers (28%) and light bulbs (13%) has grown considerably. In some cases, usage of devices like these is up as much as 400% in just two years… and these devices depend on a secure and reliable network.

“In 2022, we will be upgrading and expanding our wireless infrastructure to the latest standard,” said Adam Zangerle, UBIT Network Engineer. “Our goal is to expand connectivity both inside and out while providing a consistent experience to our students.

“We will be doubling our footprint in the residential areas and expanding coverage throughout campus,” Zangerle said, “including outdoor meeting spaces and travel corridors. We expect these coverage and technology upgrades to better support our students wherever they choose to learn on campus.”

Classroom technology improvements

A significant majority of surveyed students (80%) agreed that teaching technology in UB classrooms assists their learning moderately to very well.

When asked about potential classroom technology improvements, roughly 30% of respondents each were interested in better instructor audio and more visible teaching materials.

In 2021, UBIT added two new large, LED video walls in classrooms in NSC. UBIT Instruction Support Specialist David Shurtleff said more are likely to come. “There have been preliminary discussions about video walls at the downtown medical school building … and this is a technology that I think we will roll out to more spaces in the future.”

Improvements like these are all about timing. “We follow planning and design reworks with Campus Facilities developments,” Shurtleff said, “and then we will come in and do a technology refresh. We’re already looking two years out and further a lot of times.”

Thank you to all who responded!

Student input continually shapes and improves the technology services we offer at UB. You can reach out to us with concerns or ideas at input sessions, our annual survey, or even on social media.