New “Safe Links” make your UBmail more secure

A UB student and professor review information on a laptop in a UB building on campus.

Published March 18, 2021

Have you seen a long, strange-looking link in your email that starts with “nam12.safelinks…”? It’s most likely a Safe Link, a new security feature for UBmail powered by Exchange Online and Microsoft 365.


The links are longer than usual because Microsoft 365 includes a powerful security feature that adds an additional layer of security to links in your email. This is one of several new security features included in UB’s new Microsoft 365-powered UBmail.

How do Safe Links keep me safe?

Microsoft 365 scans unknown links in incoming email to determine whether they’re legitimate. Safe Links are a layer between you and the original link you were sent, which can prevent you from accidentally clicking a malicious link designed to steal your personal information. 

If the website is known to be bad, Safe Links protects you by directing you away from the malicious link and toward a warning page. Safe Links can also warn you to proceed with caution when a website seems questionable.

How can I see the original link?

If you need access to the original link, to copy and paste it elsewhere for example, copy the Safe Link into the online Safe Links decoder hosted by Microsoft 365. 

Is it always safe to click on a Safe Link?

While Safe Links make clicking on most links in your UBmail safer, there’s still some risk. You should continue exercising caution when clicking on links in email. 

More and better email security is here

Safe Links are one part of Microsoft 365’s overall security platform, powered by Defender for Endpoint. 

UBmail powered by Exchange Online and Microsoft 365 includes other new features for better security, including a streamlined process for reporting a phishing attempt. That feature is still being tested, but is expected to greatly simplify the process for reporting phishing at UB.

Need help with your UBmail?

The UBIT Help Center can help with questions and problems related to your UBmail. Students can also book the UB Tech Squad for a personal consultation with tech problems. Visit or call 716-645-3542.