Try the new MyUB today

A student with a mask on checks her phone as she walks outside on UB's north campus.

Published February 12, 2021

The new MyUB portal will replace the classic portal beginning Fall 2021—but you can try it out now and offer your feedback. Just click the ‘MyUB Beta’ button in MyUB, or bookmark


When you visit the new MyUB portal, you’ll notice several things right away:

  • Better interface: the new MyUB portal is more aesthetically pleasing across all your devices. It makes things easier with visual icons and categories to organize your links.
  • Mobile optimization: students told us the current MyUB portal doesn’t work well on a phone. The new portal is optimized to look and feel great from any device.
  • More useful: Most people at UB know MyUB as the portal you can use to access HUB and other important UB resources online. The new MyUB takes expands on that by organizing popular resources for you based on your affiliation with the university. It also tracks your recent links so you can find them when you return.
  • Easier to find what you need: With this upgrade, MyUB becomes the “one stop shop” it was meant to be. Whether navigating life at UB, academics and finances, technology and more, it only takes a glance to find what you need on the new MyUB portal.

The new MyUB is good… but you can help make it great

The new MyUB was designed in collaboration with members of the UB community, including over 80 student volunteers who tested early versions of the portal and offered their feedback.

Now, we’re hoping you’ll offer your feedback about the new MyUB. Did you visit What did you think? Is there room for improvement? Let us know—use the feedback form below.

Why the change?

When the current MyUB was introduced, the internet was very different. Static websites with basic search functionality dominated the web, and most people accessed them from desktop computers.

But today’s “web apps” are built to adapt dynamically to information about you and your device. Updating MyUB means adding features that today’s students, faculty and staff expect from a web portal. 

Get help with MyUB

Trouble logging in or navigating MyUB? Contact the UBIT Help Center at, or by phone at 716-645-3542.