Microsoft 365 is coming to UB. What does this mean for students?

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Published September 10, 2021

Students can log in today with their UBITName and password to find new and familiar Microsoft 365 apps. As of Summer 2021, new students also have new, Exchange Online-powered UBmail.


UB is moving to Microsoft 365. This means you have access to more convenient online versions of apps you already use, like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, plus completely new-to-UB apps for working with your fellow students and communicating with your instructors.

UBmail for new students (who started classes beginning Summer 2021) is also powered by Exchange Online, part of Microsoft 365. Previously, student UBmail was provided by Google, and current students already using Google-powered UBmail will get to keep using it.

What is Microsoft 365? How is it different?

In addition to the Microsoft Office desktop apps you already get for free, you will also get online versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which you can access via the online Microsoft 365 portal. Now you can create, edit and collaborate with other students from almost any device with a web browser… no Microsoft Office installation required.

To see more about which Microsoft 365 apps are available currently, visit the UBIT website.

New students (beginning Summer 2021): your UBmail is powered by Microsoft 365

For a long time, students and employees at UB used separate email systems. This made it difficult to share calendars, documents and other important information.

Beginning Summer 2021, new students to UB have the same email that faculty and staff use, powered by Exchange Online and Microsoft 365.

If you’re a student who already uses and likes the current Google-powered UBmail, there’s good news: you’ll be able to keep it while you’re a current student. The new, Microsoft 365-powered UBmail will only be the official email for students who are starting Summer 2021.

Regardless whether your UBmail is powered by Google or Microsoft 365, sign in and read your email by visiting

See what else is changing with Microsoft 365

More functionality will be coming to Microsoft 365 in the next five years as UB makes the move—and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Interested to find out more? Follow along with the project on the UBIT website.

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