Replace UB-provided Symantec Endpoint Protection on personal devices by August 2021

Two UB-affiliated people work on laptops on the front step of their home.

Photograph by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published April 20, 2021

For the past 20 years, UBIT has provided Symantec anti-virus to faculty, staff, and students for use on their personal devices. In August 2021, UB is retiring Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus and firewall software. But you can still keep your computer protected against viruses and identity theft: if you installed Symantec on your personal devices from the UBIT website, uninstall it and replace it with one of these free alternatives.


If you are a UB employee, your UB-owned devices will continue to be secured by your departmental IT staff. These recommendations apply to members of the UB community who downloaded Symantec Endpoint Protection on their personal devices.

What do I need to do?

If you downloaded Symantec Endpoint Protection from the UBIT website and installed it on a personal device, you should uninstall it and replace it with another reputable option—see below for recommendations.

If using Windows, you can uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection using the Add/Remove Programs feature in Windows. If you’re using macOS, you can uninstall Symantec from within the app. Or, in either case, follow the instructions from the UBIT website below.

After August 14, 2021, your installation of Symantec may appear to continue working. But, because it will not receive the latest virus updates, it will no longer provide the best possible security. 

What should I install instead?

For Windows devices, UB recommends Windows Defender Antivirus, built into the Windows 10 operating system.

For macOS, there are several reputable and free options for antivirus software; UB's Information Security Office recommends AVG Antivirus Free or Sophos Home Free.

Why is this happening?

The decision to retire Symantec Endpoint Protection at UB was made after a sudden and unexpected increase in Symantec licensing fees in 2020. In recent years, the availability of free and reputable anti-virus software has also increased dramatically, making the Symantec offering less essential. 

UB-owned devices will be secured using Defender for Endpoint, the enterprise version of the Microsoft Defender software available on Windows devices. Defender for Endpoint is part of Microsoft 365.

Get help

For help with UB-supported software, contact the UBIT Help Center at, or by phone at 716-645-3542.