New: Jabber Rooms for virtual chat

A UB employee works on a laptop at home, pumping his fist triumphantly.

Published April 15, 2020

Create and join virtual chat rooms in Jabber where a group of people can send and receive messages. Messages remain available for 30 days after they are sent.


The new Jabber Rooms feature is available for faculty and staff at UB using Jabber on a Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android device.

How can I start using Jabber Rooms?

Jabber Rooms was enabled at UB on April 6, 2020. If you are already using Jabber, the change may take several days to appear. When the update happens, you may be prompted to sign out and sign back into Jabber. 

You can also activate the new Jabber Rooms feature by logging out and logging back into Jabber.

What can I do with Jabber Rooms?

Unlike Jabber’s chat feature, Jabber Rooms works more like a traditional chat room: the messages you send and receive will persist even when everyone in the group has closed their chat window. 

You can create your own Jabber Rooms in the Jabber app on any Windows or MacOS computer. As the room’s creator, you’ll be able to manage who can join and moderate, whether a password is required and other settings.

You can also join others’ rooms, set room topics for discussion, use filters to set up notifications when certain keywords are mentioned and more. 

How are Jabber Rooms chats stored?

The information in Jabber Rooms are not fully encrypted—for that reason, it is not recommended for sharing sensitive data. Please review the Jabber terms of useto determine what information should be shared using Jabber.

Messages in Jabber Rooms are available for 30 days after being sent. Images and other media are available for 14 days after being sent.

Get help with Jabber

For help using Cisco Jabber, contact your departmental IT support, or the UBIT Help Center ( at 716-645-3542.