UBITName login upgrade: new verification message

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Published July 8, 2019

Starting July 17, 2019, you may begin to see an occasional message when logging into UBIT services that says “Checking for UBITName two-step verification.” It is part of a project to upgrade your UBITName login for added security, beginning Fall 2019. 


Although the new two-step verification feature is still being tested, and is not yet available publicly, everyone logging in using their UBITName may begin to occasionally see the message that says “Checking for UBITName two-step verification…”

This message should only appear for a few seconds, and you do not need to do anything differently when logging in as a result.

What is two-step verification?

Two-step verification makes your online accounts more secure by pairing something you know—your password—with something you have—like a smartphone or a USB security key—when logging in. Once you enter your password, you will receive a notification or an additional code on a separate device that, combined with your password, will log you into your account. 

Two-step verification is commonly used in online banking, social media and other online accounts to prevent someone who has guessed or hacked your password from logging in.

Need help with your UBITName account?

For questions or problems regarding your UBITName account, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at buffalo.edu/ubit/help. Or, call 716-645-3542, or visit our Help Center walk-up locations in Silverman LibraryLockwood Library or the Health Sciences Library.