Instructions for Portable Two-way FM Radio Use

Learn how to operate the portable, two-way FM radios assigned to some CIT staff.


  1. Turn the radio on by rotating the position dial clockwise.
  2. Adjust the volume by rotating the position dial.
  3. Before speaking:
    • Listen to determine if the radio is currently in use by another person. “Listen First” is an FCC regulation.
    • Pause for a moment. This ensures that the radio system has time to respond to your transmission and prevents the first part of your transmission from being lost.
  4. If the channel is clear, press the “Push-to-Talk” side button and wait for the chirp sound before speaking. (This is called “keying” the radio.)
  5. While continuing to depress the transmit side button, initiate transmission by stating
    • Your radio number/call sign
    • The radio number/call sign you are attempting to contact.
  6. Release the “Push-to-Talk” button when finished talking so you can hear the response.
  7. Upon completion of your radio traffic, state the radio number and “clear” (e.g., “Smith1 clear” or “Smith1 out”).

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