Tripwire provides file integrity monitoring (FIM), security configuration management (SCM), asset discovery, vulnerability management (VM) and log collection, and is available to IT Nodes at UB.

IT Node Tripwire Server Process

  1. Decide your node's Tripwire server type:
    • Windows OS (preferred by vendor, 75% of clients use) or
    • Linux (also available, a little more difficult to set up, particularly the certificate)
  2. Request a Virtual Machine for your node by submitting a ticket to EIS VMIS Team, or use your node's own machine
  3. An external RDBMS is required for tripwire.  IT Nodes can leverage existing database instances or request a UBIT hosted MSSQL instance
  4. Notify the EIS Storage Team of your IT Node's upcoming new Tripwire server; Provide the following:
    • Physical or virtual server
    • Operating system
    • Database (external Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server)
    • Server name
    • DNS name
    • Approximate number of nodes/endpoints you will have
    • A list of the UBITNames of the IT staff that will require access to the Tripwire support website
  5. The Storage Team contacts the Tripwire Account Manager to add Web portal access, and obtains licenses to add your IT Node's Tripwire node(s)
  6. Download the latest Tripwire Enterprise software for servers and agents from the Tripwire Web portal.  Full installation documentation is available on the portal
  7. Request a certificate for your IT Node's Tripwire server by submitting a request using the certificate Web form
  8. If your IT Node wants to use UB LDAP authentication (as opposed to local authentication), the EIS Storage Team can provide the required connection string information
  9. The IT Node completes installation and configuration of Tripwire software
  10. With Tripwire web portal access, the IT Node can:
    • Read Tripwire documentation
    • Obtain Tripwire software and updates
    • Submit Tripwire problems/questions to Tripwire support
    • Make licensing changes for UB Tripwire servers (please don't do that) – however, such changes do not affect the functioning of UB’s Tripwire servers

Downloading Tripwire

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