Requesting a Certificate

To complete a certificate request form, you will need to collect some information.

Information Required to Request Certificate Signing

  • The name of a responsible party (not a role or alias) who can answer questions about this request. If there are urgent problems, this person will be called at the phone number also requested.
  • The phone number of the responsible party.
  • The email address of the responsible party (or alias) as Please don't provide sub-domain addresses (e.g. or addresses. The issuance email will be sent to this address. The email will contain multiple links for downloading the signed certificate and the InCommon and Sectigo Intermediate Certificates and the Sectigo Root Certificate.
  • If the above address or alias expands to a single person, please provide an alternate contact who will be able to assist with the renewal process. The ideal alternate contact would be a department chair or equivalent.
  • The certificate signing request (CSR) as generated by your web server or associated software (e.g. openssl). If you are using your own web server, see how to generate the CSR. If you are using a VPCIO server, please submit a ticket to get the information.
  • The host name
  • Supported Server Type

Certificate Duration

Certificates are issued for one or two years.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.