Campus WINS Servers

How are the Campus WINS servers configured and how does the process work?

  • Intervals
    Renewal interval - 6 days - This means that a client must renew with wins every 6 days.  The process actually starts sooner (after half the time has expired and then at regular intervals until successful).
    Extinction interval - 4 days - This means that once a record is released (Computer shutdown), it becomes extinct in 4 days
    Extinction timeout - 6 days - This means that once a record is extinct it gets scavenged (removed) from database in 6 days
    Verification interval - 24 days - This is the interval at which a WINS server will verify it's entries with any of its replication partners. So a record released from one WINS server could take up to 34 days to be completely removed from both WINS servers (4 + 6 + 24).  10 days to be removed from the WINS server you are communicating with and an additional 24 days to be removed from any replication partners.
  • Duplicate Registrations - When a Duplicate name is registered, the Server sends 3 challenges to current occupant and if no response is received, the name is released, otherwise registration is denied.
  • Name Refresh - When 1/8 of TTL (6 days in this case) has expired, the client tries to refresh every 2 minutes until ½ of TTL has expired.  After that it attempts refresh with Secondary server.  Once the first successful refresh has taken place, it refreshes at 1/2 TTL instead of 1/8.
  • Name Release - When client shuts down properly, it sends a release to the Server and the server marks its entry inactive.
  • Replication Parameters - Between Primary and Secondary
    Pull Replication - every 30 minutes (each server pulls any changes from the other every 30 minutes).
    Push Replication - after every 50 changes (if a server has 50 changes before the 30 minute mark, it will push changes immediately to the other server).
  • IP Communications - All WINS Communications take place on UDP port 137.  If you plan on using WINS, do not block this port for incoming or outgoing communications on your router firewall or Personal Firewall Software (PWS)
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