Power Survivability Service

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Power Survivability Service provides a solution for departments located in buildings that already have an emergency generator who wish to maintain telephone and network connectivity during scheduled and unscheduled interruptions in power. 

UB's telephones and Wi-Fi access points are powered through their network cable (Power-Over-Ethernet). Power Survivability Service places an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in the appropriate Telecommunications room to ensure the designated networking equipment remains powered during scheduled and unscheduled power transfers between utility and generator power sources.

Contract arrangements have been made with an external vendor  to install Uninterruptable Power Supplies within Telecommunication Rooms to provide power to network switches and network related devices. The UPS unit will be sized appropriately for power circuit capacity load.

The contract provides for a 5 year warranty on the UPS device and service.  Costs for the UPS solution will be billed directly to the requesting department(s).  Installation will be done under the supervision of NCS network engineers to ensure compliance with network standards.

Need more information?

For more information on the Power Survivability Service offering please request a Network, Phone or Classroom Services Consultation.


Roles and Responsibilities

CIT/NCS Responsibilities

  • Liaison with vendor
  • Technical resource for customers regarding the UPS and network sustainability
  • Provide cost estimate to department for approval
  • Provide coordinator for UPS installation
  • Monitor the UPS with Spectrum (system status monitoring tool)
  • Call in trouble tickets with vendor

Department Responsibilities

  • Initiate request for Power Survivability Service consultation with CIT/NCS
  • Purchase the UPS and contract for maintenance of the unit with vendor directly
  • Place any needed University Facilities orders required for operation of the UPS unit
  • Surplus obsolete UPS equipment

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Deliver and install UPS unit
  • Maintain UPS equipment for length of contract
  • Respond to trouble tickets for UPS unit service

Summary of Costs

  • There is no cost for consultation with CIT/NCS
  • Cost of UPS equipment and installation charges will vary with each installation. See the estimated costs on the Cost of Services page under Data Communications.
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