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Posting a Student Job Opening for Authors

Discover how to add an employement opportunity to the Student Employment page, advertise or remove your job posting.

Recruit Fragments in Shared Content

Content fragments have been written for frequently posted student employment opportunities. They are written as shared content that can be added or deleted from the Student Employment Page.

  • Recruit fragments can be updated if needed, but should be kept as generic as possible or writer another special fragment.
  • For job descriptions longer than a paragraph, add a Read more about this job link and point to a page in the above folder. Among the job descriptions available are:
    • Enterprise Infrastructure Services Assistant
    • Computing Site Consultant Application
    • UBIT Help Center Consultant
  • The fragments are activated. They must be re-activated if you change them. The job descriptions are hidden from navigation, but are active.

Find Student Job Fragments

  1. Login into and select Websites.
  2. In the Page Tree view (left panel), locate the Shared Content folder. Expand it by clicking on the plus sign.
  3. Navigate to Shared Content > > UBIT > Internal UBIT > Student Employment.

Add Your Job to the Jobs Page

  1. Login to
  2. In the Page Tree view (left panel), navigate to the Student Job Opportunities page: > UBIT > About Us > Employment Opportunities.
  3. Click on Employment Opportunities. Select Student Job Opportunities in the page list. Right-click on the page name and select Open to view the page.
  4. From the sidekick, drag a Shared Content Reference (located under More Components) to the page under the heading Current CIT Student Job Openings.
  5. Edit the Shared Content Reference Component by highlighting then right-clicking on the component and selecting Edit. Click on the magnifying glass to change the Reference Path. Navigate to Shared Content > www> UBIT > Internal UBIT> Student Employment > [your employment stub].
  6. Click OK. Click OK.
  7. If there is a Notice Box that says Sorry there are currently no job openings in CIT then delete it.
  8. Once your job opportunity has been added, submit a Request to Activate UBIT Web Content form so the jobs page will display your posting.

Advertise Your Job Posting

If you want to advertise your job opportunity, please submit a form to Request an IT News Article.

Removing Your Job Posting

  1. Delete your shared content reference from the Student Employment page (Hover over the section to highlight it and right-click and select Delete).
  2. If your job was the last one listed on the page, add the No Opportunity content reference from .
  3. Request that the Student Employment page be re-activated to update your changes.
    1. If your job was advertised in news, then remove it from current news by
    2. Locating it in the shared content page tree for IT News: navigate to Shared Content > > UBIT > IT News > Student Employment.
    3. Highlight the news article in the Page List.
    4. Right click and select Properties,
    5. In the Tag box, delete the tag .Current
    6. Submit a Reuest to Activate UBIT Web Content form so that IT News is re-activated.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

Have a UBITName? You may also use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
Use your email, if known