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Managing UBIT News Articles

Find information on publishing IT news articles.

Learn how to use the UBCMS by watching the UB Web Management training videos.

News articles can be authored by CIT staff with UBCMS permissions and training. All news articles will be edited and published by the IT Policy and Communication. Alternately, submit a Request an IT News Article.

IT News is any information targeted for UBIT primary customers (faculty, staff and students). IT News expressly for IT Staff or CIT Staff can be displayed on Informational pages just for those groups. Examples of news for everyone includes new services, end of services, updates to service such as iprint allocations, and job opportunities. Examples of IT Staff news might include technical changes to the infrastructure or retirement of staff. Examples of CIT news might include changes to CIT applications.

The news feed does not replace other methods of customer notification such as direct email, signage or application landing pages.

Create a News Item

  1. Prepare your news article in Word or as a text document. Gather information such as a headline, a quote from the information source, description of the impact on the audience, photo and identification of a link to more information if possible. IT news could be picked up by any entity in the CMS at UB. [See instructions for uploading an image into the Digital Asset Manager DAM)]
  2. In Websites tree view, go the News folder by navigating to Shared Content > > UBIT > IT News and click on the title IT News. The news articles will be displayed.
  3. In the file list, click New and enter the information in the Create Page dialog box:
  4. Enter the news article headline for Title (using caps)
  5. Enter the news article headline in lowercase, separated by hyphens, as the Name (this will be the URL)
  6. Scroll down and select News Article Template
  7. Click Create
  8. From the file list, right-click on the article title and select Open. An editing dialog box will open.
  9. Notice that the Article Title is the file Title you typed. It will also appear in the news feed on the UBIT front page.
  10. Click on the Placeholder Photo so the border becomes gold; right click on the gold box and select Edit from the menu.
  11. Click Clear from the horizontal menu so you can upload your own photo.
  12. Drag a photo from the Digital Assets Manager (DAM) into the image dialog box.
  13. Click the Advanced tab and enter required Alt text. Alt text is an explanation of what the image represents. Link the image to a URL if and only if it adds information.
  14. Click the Caption tab to add a caption which is desirable for most circumstances.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Highlight the default caption text below the image; right click and select Delete.
  17. Highlight the Published text box; right click to edit if necessary.
  18. Highlight the introductory text box; right click and select Edit. This text will form the teaser portion of the news feed. It must contain enough information so visitors know to read on or not.
  19. Highlight the title box; right click and select Edit. Add a subheading here if desired. You may have more than 1 subheading.
  20. Highlight the body text; select Edit and cut and paste your news article here.
  21. Highlight the Related Links title. Right-click and select Edit to change the Headline.
  22. Highlight and right-click the links section below the Headline to edit the Related Links and add relevant information. Usually you can point to a UBIT website location for more information.
  23. Highlight the pull quote; right click and select Edit to add an excerpt from the article or a quote from someone who was interviewed in the article.
  24. Notice that a teaser and mini teaser has been created as you created the article.
  25. Tags will be added by the publisher.
  26. Select Preview mode from the sidekick and review your article. Make changes as necessary.
  27. Submit a Request an IT News Article form to add a photo, edit and/or activate your article.

Contact the UBIT Help Center

Have a UBITName? You may also use the UBIT Help Center Online (login required).

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Use your email, if known