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Managing the CIT Staff Directory

In CIT, staff in the Chief Information Officer's Operations Office (CIOAO) maintain the staff directory.

Managing UBIT Directory List

  • There is a directory entry for each employee in the CIO’s organization: including the following information:
    • Firstname Lastname Suffix, Professional Degree, e.g. John Smith Sr, PhD
    • Office Location (Rm Building, Campus)
    • Department
    • Phone number
    • Email address@UB
  • All directory modifications are made after logging into the UBCMS author at Only staff with author permissions can make changes.
  • Directory Entries should correspond to official names. In the case where an official first name is not used by an employee, use RealFirstName (Nickname).
  • Once an entry has been created or modified, submit a Request to Activate UBIT Web Content. The content will be activated within a business day.

Create an Entry

  1. Login from and select Websites.
  2. In the Page Tree view (left panel), locate the Shared Content folder. Expand it by clicking on the plus sign.
  3. Expand > UBIT > Staff Directory.
  4. Select and expand the folder corresponding to the new employees department, for example, NCS.
  5. Left click on the department name; all the employees’ files in this unit will be listed in the Page View (right panel).
  6. Highlight an item titled Lastname, Firstname by left clicking on the name. You may have to move to another page of the list by clicking the blue arrow at the bottom of the page.
  7. With the file highlighted, click Copy in the horizontal navigation bar.
  8. Click Paste; another copy of the original file will be created.
    • You may have to advance again to the page you were working on.
  9. Highlight the new file. You can tell the new file by the number added to the Name of the file.
  10. Right click and select Properties.
  11. Enter the Title of the actual employee as Lastname, First Name.
  12. Unclick the box Hide in Lists.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Move to the correct page listing based on the employee’s last name. Highlight the new employee’s entry and click Move.
  15. Change content in Rename to the employees lastname-firstname, all lower-case, separated with a hyphen.
  16. Click Move and respond Yes to confirm the move.
  17. Verify the accuracy of the listing in the page view list.
  18. Highlight the new employee’s file, right click and select Open to open the entry.
  19. Move your cursor to the text area until the text box is blue.
  20. Left click in white space and the text box becomes gold.
  21. Right click and select Edit for editing.
  22. Enter the employee’s name, phone number and email address.
  23. Click OK.
  24. Change to Preview Mode and verify the accuracy of the entry.
  25. Close the edit session by clicking on the globe in the sidekick, taking you back to the page view.

Delete an Entry

To delete an entry in the staff directory, submit a Request to Modify UBIT Web Content; specify the employee’s directory entry to delete.

Change an Employee’s Department

  1. Highlight an employee’s file in his old unit.
  2. Click Move.
  3. Click the magnifier icon to browse to the file tree.
  4. Click on the new department in the file tree and the to information changes.
  5. Click Move and click Yes to confirm the move.
  6. Verify that the employee is now in the new department by browsing the new department’s listing.
  7. Locate the directory listing for the moved employee, highlight it, right click and select Open.
  8. Edit the Department field and Address if necessary.

Still need help?

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