Workflow process: Student Access to UBITName Accounts/Duo

  • Individual applies to UB through Slate. 
  • Decision process is run. Applicant records loaded into HUB from Slate.
  • Admitted/accepted applicants are passed to the IDM system.  
    • UBITName and one-time password is generated. 
    • Applicant affiliation is assigned to the individual.
    • Active Directory account is activated.
      • Authentication allowed into the Housing system.
  • The applicant receives an acceptance letter, along with instructions to activate their UBITName account.
    • Admitted, with applicant affiliation.
    • Applicant will be eligible (not required) to enroll in Duo through
    • Applicants are not required to use Duo to login to MyUB/HUB.
  • Applicant pays tuition deposit.
    • Deposit acknowledgement email is sent through Slate.
    • Deposit letter will include Duo enrollment as a step. 
  • Mass matriculation process– nightly process.
    • Creates a base student record in HUB. 
  • Term activation process– nightly beginning in March for Fall; October for Spring.  
    • Term record is created, indicating a person is eligible to enroll. 
    • Student affiliation is assigned to the individual.
    • UB mailbox is provisioned.  
    • Access to other UBIT systems and services is provided. 
    • Student is added to Duo student required group.
    • Required to enroll in Duo to authenticate in all Shib services, UBbox and Housing System.
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