How to Require Duo Verification for Staff/Faculty with a Volunteer Affiliation


  1. Create an AD group. Make sure the new group:
    • Is within the departmental OU. 
    • Is in AD, not ITORG.
    • Is in a Global group. 
    • Is named similarly to xxxx_duo_required. See UBAD Naming Standards for more guidance.
  2. Add Institutional accounts for faculty/staff with a volunteer affiliation to the group as necessary.  Do not add ITORG accounts to your new group.
  3. Once your group is created, submit a request through the UBIT Help Center requesting for the departmental group to be added to the ubit_duo_required_exception group.

Note: Customers added to the group will be required to use Duo starting at the next 1 p.m. sync process.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.