How to Assign User a Bypass Code - Duo Two-Step Verification Manager

This process must be followed to issue a Bypass Code to recover their Duo account. These steps may only be performed by designated IT staff.


1. Navigate to and click Log in in the upper right part of the screen.

2. Log in using your UBITName and password, and authenticate with Duo to see menu options below.

3. Choose Assign user a bypass code.  

WARNING: this will invalidate the user's existing passcodes including any generated passcodes the user may have printed from

Choose Remove user from Duo.

4. Enter the UBITName and Person Number of the customer.

Check the box in front of the UBITName you are removing from Duo.

5. Click Assign Bypass Code.  This bypass code is valid for one hour only. If this code is not used within one hour it will not work.

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