Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Enterprise

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) hosts desktops on a centralized server in a data center. VDI allows IT staff to build and manage a pool of identical desktops centrally. People access a desktop with dedicated hardware or software client.

Requesting access to VDI Enterprise

VDI Enterprise is managed through the console.

To request VDI Enterprise:

  1. Open a ticket for VDI Enterprise access in the UBIT Help Center Online.
  2. In the Brief Summary, enter VDI access.
  3. Enter Department name/Entity Code.
  4. Enter the ITORG Group Name that contains the ITORG accounts of those who need administrator access.
  5. Enter IP Addesses of Workstations for Administrators.
  6. Enter AD/ITORG Group Name for Users that contains the people that will be connecting to the desktops.
  7. Enter Email Addresses of Administrators who need access to tools and documentation in UBbox.
  8. Enter ITORG OU for VDI Desktop Machine Accounts to be created in. It can be an OU you control so you can manage group policies, but the account itorg\ubit.vcomposer needs to be given access to that OU to manage the machine accounts.
  9. Enter ITORG OU the Master VM should be created in.  We recommend it be a separate OU for patching and group policy purposes.
  10. Enter the Amount of Zero Clients you will have.
  11. Select from pull-down the Use Type for Zero Clients > Student Lab, Staff Desktops, or Other.
  12. Enter Private Static IP Address Range for Zero Clients.
  13. Enter Windows OS version; recommend using latest version Windows 10 1809.
  14. Enter the Date Required By.
  15. Enter Additional Information if needed.

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