Webex and Wireless Display tips for CIT Conference Rooms

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Schedule a Webex Meeting

  1. Reserve the room as you normally would.
  2. Schedule the meeting on your own calendar to invite the individual participants.
    • Set up the Webex meeting through Exchange plugin
    • Or use the desktop client to set up a new meeting through the client
    • Or visit ub.webex.com to sign in and schedule your meeting (note: the last two methods will not show you the invitees in Exchange)

Assign an Alternate Host

You may want to assign one or more of your colleagues as an alternate host, enabling them
to start and control a meeting if you are not available.

Join a Webex Session

We recommend joining your Webex meeting from the in-room PC.

  1. Log into the PC and use the desktop client or visit ub.webex.com through a browser.
  2. Click Sign in, then join the meeting.

Share Content while in a Webex

If you have joined the Webex from the in-room PC but want to share something on your desktop:

  1. Join the Webex from your device
  2. Choose I will call in on the left (but don’t call in – this suppresses disruptive audio feedback on your device)
  3. Click the up-arrow icon to choose which application to share.

Your device will appear as another attendee in the meeting.

Display content from your own device

Wireless display is only accessible from eduroam and UB Secure networks.

Wireless Presentation should be selected.

If you are not in a Webex and want to display content from your device with others in the room, choose Wireless Presentation on the left side of the touch panel.

Conference room projector screen as displayed in 208 Computing Center.

Follow the instructions on the projector screen. (Either connect to the IP address shown or download the client)

Wireless Display (Solstice Pod): How to Moderate a Session

Moderator mode allows you to approve requests from collaborators to join the session or post content to the display. Once moderator mode is enabled, any future collaborators will request to join and wait for a session moderator to approve the request. Only the moderator will have the ability to control what content is posted and the layout of the content.

1. Click the Meeting control in the user app sidebar

2. Toggle Moderate this meeting to On

  • When a new collaborator tries to connect to the display, an alert will appear in the app’s sidebar. Click Alerts to view the request. Three options display for the connection request:
    • Reject: Connection is rejected. The collaborator will be notified that their connection attempt was canceled by the moderator
    • Approve: The collaborator will be connected to the display
    • Approve as Moderator: The collaborator will join with full moderator rights to approve and reject requests to join and post media content
  • When a collaborator tries to post media content to the display, another alert will appear in the app’s sidebar. Click Alerts to view the request. Two options display for the media post request:
    • Reject: The post will not appear on the display. Rejecting the request will not alert the collaborator that their post has been rejected
    • Approve: The post will appear on the display
meeple group icon.

3. To control collaborators in the session, click on the meeple group icon in the user panel. A list of the connected users will appear with an option to Disconnect the user or Make Moderator

4. To exit moderator mode, go to Meeting in the sidebar and toggle Moderate this meeting to Off

Connecting to a Personal Conference Meeting

Entering an Audio PIN.
  1. The host and all participants call the Personal Conference number (usually 240-454-0887)

    • The host enters the Host Access Code and then the Audio PIN number

    • Attendees enter the Attendee Access Code

If the Host leaves the meeting, the meeting will stay active for five more minutes before ending automatically.

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