Set up a Web Page for Uploading Restricted Files to UBbox

IT staff may choose to create a means of allowing people within their department to upload sensitive files to UBbox from a web page. Uploads can be restricted to a group.


  1. Create a folder in UBbox with the following suggested naming scheme: RESTRICTED <school/dept> <dept code> Document Uploads
  2. Set permissions on the folder.  Since it's restricted, do this with a group, which takes a day or two to work.
  3. Under the ... menu for the newly created folder, click File Request, then Settings.
  4. Select the following options:
    • Request a file description
    • Request an email address
    • Click Save
  5. Click Edit
    • Provide a meaningful title
    •  Add instructions on how to upload. 
    • Click Save
  6. Click Share
  7. Click the copy upload embed widget icon: </>
  8. Place the embed code on a web page.  Generally, this goes on a department website but is not linked to from the main page.  Whoever is responsible for accepting uploads can send the link to individuals who will be uploading files. 
Still need help?

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