Using FTP with UBbox

FTP is considerably faster than the Web interface, Box Drive, or Box Sync for bulk uploads.

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1. In UBbox, set up a password

UBbox uses a special password to allow some programs (like FTP) to connect with it. If you have already set up a special UBbox password, you may skip this step.

This will not change your UBITName Password

Setting up this password will not change your UBITName Password, or the way you log into UBIT services (including UBbox). 

  1. Log into to UBbox using your UBITName and password
  2. Click your initials in the upper right and select Account Settings
  3. On the Account tab, scroll down to Authentication
  4. Click Change Password 
  5. Under current password enter anything
  6. Enter and confirm the new password, which is used only for when you FTP files to UBbox, then click Save

2. Launch and configure your FTP program

  • Connection method: FTPS (also known as "FTP-SSL" or "FTP Secure." Both "explicit" and "implicit" FTPS are supported).
  • Server:
  • Username: Your full UB email address
  • Password: Your Box password (see above)
  • Port: 990 for implicit encrypted connection (FTPS), or 21 for TLS explicit encrypted connection. Transfers may be slower when using encryption due to additional processing.
  • Box supports Passive FTP, but not Active.

Common Questions

How many "simultaneous connections" should I use?

8 connections gives the best balance between performance and stability when on campus.

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