Project Description

As a sub-project of the Microsoft 365 project, UBIT will, by 2025:

  • Migrate UB faculty, staff, retirees and alumni to UBmail (Exchange Online)
  • Put incoming UB faculty and new students in UBmail (Exchange Online)

Migrate UBmail to Exchange Online

This project will unite the UB community on the same, modern email system: Exchange Online.

UBIT staff migrations began Fall 2020. UB faculty and staff will migrate through the spring 2021 semester, and new employees will automatically be placed in UBmail (Exchange Online) beginning mid-February.

Beginning mid-February 2021 all incoming student mailboxes will be created in Exchange Online instead of Google.

UB student preparing classwork.

UB student preparing classwork.

Project Fast Facts

November 2020

Projected End Date:


Project Manager:
Chris Candlena

Network Partner:

Migration Schedule

Last updated September 14, 2022

UBmail Migration Timeline
Group Start Finish
Migrate UBIT Staff November 2020
December 2020
Migrate Departmental IT Staff January 2021 January 2021
Migrate UB Faculty and Staff February 2021 December 2021
Add New UB Students -
Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and beyond
February 2021 N/A
Add New UB Faculty and Staff February 2021 N/A
Migrate UB students who were enrolled before summer 2021
Migrate UB Alumni Late 2022 August 2023
Migrate UB Retirees October 2021
November 2021