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Angus Lam

photo of UB student Angus Lam.

Angus Lam, UB senior studying Computer Science

Angus Lam is a UB Senior dual majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics, the president of the UB ACM student club, a teaching assistant in multiple computer science courses, and working part time as a software engineer. In other words: he’s busy.

Angus uses UBIT tools and his own tech savvy to maintain a sleek, professional online presence—including a personal website and a public-facing calendar—so he can seize opportunities when they arise.

Finding time

“Regardless your discipline, it makes sense to have some sort of professional online presence. ”
Angus Lam, UB Senior
Computer Science and Linguistics

“I had a lot of problems trying to organize my meetings and obligations, so I decided to make my schedule public using the calendar associated with my UBmail account,” Angus said. “It worked out very well, and reduced a lot of headache.” Note: Angus recommends only sharing your availability—not actual meeting names and locations—for privacy reasons. He also only shares his calendar with other UB students and instructors.

“I use the Google services provided with UBmail pretty extensively."

The calendar is key

“Even if the public calendar doesn’t sound great, I highly recommend using a calendar in general to keep track of your schedule.” Angus uses his calendar to schedule tasks, so he has a record of what he worked on and when. “I feel very organized, and can work through the day like clockwork.”

Professional presence

“Regardless your discipline, it makes a lot of sense to have some sort of professional online presence. Not only is it a great creative outlet to showcase your best work, it also lets prospective employers/business partners learn more about you.”

“There are a lot of free website services available like LinkedIn, Squarespace, and Wordpress that can help you get started building your online presence. For those a little more tech-savvy, you can even write your own from scratch.”

If you’d like to share your tips for using technology to stay organized and accomplish goals with the UB community, send an email to ubit-communication@buffalo.edu.