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Diane Keddie

Diane Keddie, Applications Development Analyst, Enterprise Application Services

Finding the Right Fit

“I’ve always liked the atmosphere of a college campus, and (a UB representative) convinced me that UB was a great place to work.”
Diane Keddie, Applications Development Analyst
Enterprise Application Services

Diane Keddie was looking for the right fit. She was about to graduate after going back to school, but wanted to find a job she would really enjoy. A representative at a job fair convinced her UB was that place and she’s enjoyed working here ever since.  

“I love walking around the campus and seeing the students sitting in groups and studying or outside in the grass playing Frisbee,” noted Diane, who admits she always liked the atmosphere of a college campus.  

Now with UB for 15 years, Diane provides technical support for the student records module of HUB along with the scheduling applications used by UB. She also serves as a technical lead on projects. While most of her day-to-day interactions are with staff members, her view is that her work helps all of UB’s students and faculty.

Outside of work, Diane has many interests. She’s been a practitioner of yoga for many years and has recently started organic gardening and vegetarian cooking. She also enjoys traveling and playing golf.