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Brad Beardslee

Brad Beardslee

Brad Beardslee, Systems Administrator, Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS)

“It’s interesting to see how different departments tackle problems in their own unique way.”
Brad Beardslee, Systems Administrator
Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS)

Putting Down Roots at UB

Brad Beardslee is right at home at UB. Born and raised in Buffalo, this UB alumnus obtained both his undergraduate degree and MBA here. Over his past 16 years with the university, Brad has had the opportunity to grow considerably on a professional level.

Brad began his career at UB as a Public Computing Site manager after graduating with a degree in computer science in 1997. Today, he enjoys working with Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) as a systems administrator. He hopes that with his recently acquired MBA, he will have the chance to move into resource management, supervising more services and projects on campus.

Staying Flexible

Even after many years with the university, Brad is still captivated by the sheer size of the university and the wide range of people working here. While he has collaborated with a number of departments, he’s still only scratched the surface. Brad added, “It’s interesting to see how different departments tackle problems in their own unique way.”

He has worked with departments including the School of Management and Campus Living, finding that “they all work a little differently.” Getting accustomed to change is what keeps Brad motivated.

Globe Trekking

As much as he loves the Buffalo area, Brad is always on the go and loves to travel. His favorite places to visit are Hong Kong and China. “[Hong Kong] is the most beautiful place in the world,” he shared. “The island of Hong Kong is a huge city and you can get on a boat for forty-five minutes and be out in the middle of nowhere. There is so much history, which I really enjoy.”

Brad has visited China twice: once for his honeymoon and more recently to get a more authentic look at the country. He visited the countryside where his wife grew up. “It’s a whole different world from what we have here,” he said. “It’s a very different culture and it gives you a new perspective on old problems.” In addition to China, Brad has also traveled to Greece and all over the US.

Locally, he and his wife enjoy photography, specializing in taking wedding photos. Brad added, “To me, that’s the best time and occasion to be taking pictures, when you’re preserving people’s memories.”