UBPortfolio and the UB Curriculum

ePortfolios are purposeful collections of student work that can be used to showcase student efforts and ideas, and act as archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and self-reflection.

ePortfolios and UB Curriculum Coursework

All UB undergraduates use the UBPortfolio platform as a required component of the UB Curriculum.

Introduction to ePortfolio Course Portfolios/Self-Archiving Culminating Portfolio

UB Seminar

Communication Literacy 1

Other Foundations Courses



(UBC 399)

ePortfolios Beyond the UB Curriculum

Digication class sites and ePortfolios can be used by faculty and staff for other purposes beyond instruction in the UB Curriculum.   

  • Digication class sites can be used to share teaching resources with all instructors teaching the same course. 
  • Digication Communities can be used to facilitate information sharing among committee members, task forces, interest groups and learning communities.
  • Instructors can use the Teaching Portfolio Template to create a teaching portfolio to demonstrate teaching effectiveness.
  • ePortfolios can be created for such purposes as to support tenure and promotion dossiers and/or award nomination materials, to serve as a digital CV, or to be used to share course materials with students.
  • ePortfolios can be used as a platform to share information within working groups, with the UB community as a whole, and with people outside of UB.

UBPortfolio and the UB Curriculum