UB Portfolio: A purposeful digital collection of your work.

ePortfolios are purposeful digital collections of student work that can be used to showcase efforts and ideas and act as archives of learning, discovery, progress, achievement and self-reflection. In addition, they promote multimodal communication as they allow for the inclusion of text, images, videos, audio clips and other types of media. ePortfolios can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to present and reflect on achievements within a specific course, to document study abroad experiences, to document progress within an educational program, and to provide a portrait of professional skills and abilities.

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ePortfolios at UB

Students receive access to the ePortfolio platform in the first week of classes in their first semester of enrollment and keep this access through graduation and beyond. ePortfolios are located in your UBLearns account: you can access them at any time by visiting the "Tools" menu, then clicking on "Portfolios," and then clicking "My Portfolios."

ePortfolios are used throughout the UB Curriculum to help students develop such skills as:

  • digital literacy,
  • archival/folio thinking,
  • critical reflection, and
  • integrative learning.

ePortfolio use is not limited to UB Curriculum classes, and there is no limit to the number of ePortfolios a student can create. In addition to ePortfolios for specific courses, students can create ePortfolios for other purposes, such as to supplement applications for employment, graduate programs, scholarships, etc., or to document learning experiences outside of the classroom.

ePortfolios within the UB Curriculum

Introduction to ePortfolio Course Portfolios/Self-Archiving Culminating Portfolio

UB Seminars

English 105

Other Foundations Courses



(UBC 399)

ePortfolio Resources and Support

See the videos below for walkthroughs on creating portfolios as well as how to set-up portfolio assignments in UBLearns. We also have links below for helpful documentation on using the UBLearns Portfolio tool.

UBPortfolio Help Chat is available via Discord at the following link here.

UBC399: Creating Your Portfolio and Submitting Assignments
Capstone ePortfolio Assistance

Capstone eportfolio assistance can be found through many avenues, including our virtual lab which can be reached here. Capstone students should coordinate with their instructors directly for questions related to UBC399. For all other inquiries related to Capstone portfolios, please contact UBPortfolio@buffalo.edu for assistance or utilize the Discord chat feature on this page.