Photo of student representative, Brianna Bennett.

Brianna Bennett

Student Representative
2021-2022 Academic Year



Brianna Bennett is a master’s student in UB’s Graduate School of Education with a concentration in Comparative Global Education. Committed to the development of youth, she has been an active educator, student leader and volunteer in Buffalo and her hometown of Brooklyn.

After transferring from Buffalo State College, where she was a member of the track team, Bennett received, in 2021, her bachelor’s degree in social science interdisciplinary from UB’s School of Social Work with a health and human services early childhood concentration and a minor in education. She is currently an educator at UB’s Child Care Center and an intern at UB’s Early Childhood Research Center.

Having a longstanding interest in educational policy and practice, Bennett has served as a member of the Brooklyn Student Advisory Council and a Brooklyn representative on the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council, both for the New York City Department of Education. In these roles, she discussed the implementation of best educational methodologies and practices to promote personal and educational growth for current and incoming students. Bennett also participated in two New York City pilot programs for youth leadership. In her volunteer and educational work, Bennett often draws upon the Creating Holistic Atmosphere(s) and Narratives for Generational Equity/Equality (CHANGE) ideology.

As a collegiate and high school track athlete, Bennett earned many accolades for her dedication to her sport and demonstrated leadership. She has tutored high school students, particularly on NYS Regents examination preparation. Active in the performing arts, Bennett has experience playing the piano and trombone, performing in chorus and working for Jazz at Lincoln Center.