Social Media Lenses and Frames

Put yourself in the action with our collection of social media filters! Show off your #UBhornsUP spirit or take a selfie with a #UBuffalo icon.

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Social Lenses

Share the excitement on social media with these UB Class of 2021 lenses on Instagram and Facebook! 

Click on one of the buttons below from a mobile device to get started. 

To customize the lens, tap to choose from:

  • Five banners
  • Two cheek tattoos
  • Two cap colors

Ready to post? Follow the prompt on the screen to see the confetti and balloons fly!

Don't forget to show us your creations! Use #UBClassOf2021 when you post to your stories.

Cellphone with Instagram App open.

Facebook Profile Frame

Facebook Profile Frame.

To add a frame to your profile picture:

  1. Go to
  2. Type “university at buffalo” into the search bar in the upper left.
  3. Choose your #UBClassOf2021 profile frame from the results.
  4. Click Use as Profile Picture, and you’re all set!