CIRTL Network Events

UB graduate students and postdocs can still sign up for CIRTL Network offerings for free as space allows. Below are sample courses, MOOCs, learning communities and events offered by the CIRTL Network. Visit the CIRTL Network website for information on current offerings.

CIRTL Network Courses

  • Developing a Teaching Portfolio.
  • Diversity in the College Classroom.
    • Service-Learning in STEM Classrooms: Introduction to Pedagogy and Practice—course.
  • Workshops
    • Designing for all—Inclusive Excellence and Universal Design (part of Journal Club series).
    • Developing Work-Life Resilience—workshop.
    • How to Break Through Students' Misconceptions of Science—workshop
    • Teaching Writing in Your Classes When you Still Seek Support for Your Own Writing (part of Teaching in the U.S. series).
    • The Long Road—Keeping STEM Students Moving on the Path to Success (part of Journal Club series).
    • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement—workshop
    • What to Expect From My TAR Project? Reflections on the TAR Experience (part of Teaching-As-Research Capstone series).


  • An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching.
  • Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching.

CIRTL Network Learning Communities

  • Teaching in the U.S.